Best-In-Class Projects at a Fraction of the Cost

Although many technology consulting firms have turned to offshore locations in an attempt to drive down costs, development quality is often inconsistent. We have never compromised quality or cut corners in order to save money—and this holds true for our offshore development team. We conducted an extensive search for the ideal location that would allow us to deliver our expertise with the cost-savings advantages of a distributed development team. And we found it.

Located in Rijeka, Croatia, our Business Intelligence Development Center (BIDC) combines our proven expertise with development resources to quickly deliver your solution, with high-quality results, at significantly reduced rates.

Why Is iOLAP’s Offshore Development Center Different?

  • Workforce
    Croatia, and in particular the city of Rijeka, provides a highly educated workforce supported by the region’s most modern and advanced university-level Information Technology degree programs, including a dedicated focus on informatics, data warehousing and decision-support technologies.

  • Language
    Croatia enjoys a very high level of English fluency, with a secondary-language focus starting during elementary school and continuing through the university level, including English courses tailored for business professionals.

  • Location
    Croatia provides convenient access to all of Europe due to its Central European locataion. Venice, Florence, Munich and Budapest are all within a day’s drive, making Rijeka a true gateway to the rest of the European continent.

  • Time Zone
    Unlike India or other Asian locations, which typically have 12-hour time differences, Croatia enjoys the Central European time zone (CET), allowing for half a business day of overlap with our U.S.-based customers.

The Best of Both Worlds

With our BIDC, we are able to deliver higher-caliber and cost-effective solutions by blending our onsite experts in the U.S. with developers in Croatia —giving you more experts to create a custom solution that meets your budget requirements. As a result, our clients enjoy quality design and project management at a fraction of the cost and time.