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High-Quality Workforce and Advantageous Location Drives Down Costs for Customers
March 11, 2011

FRISCO, Texas (March 11, 2011) – iOLAP, a Business Intelligence professional services firm that quickly develops and implements high-quality data warehouse and reporting solutions at a lower cost, is very pleased to announce the opening of its Business Intelligence Development Center (BIDC) located in the historic city of Rijeka, Croatia.

This development center will focus on building world-class Business Intelligence solutions for Fortune 1000 customers. By combining our proven business intelligence expertise with the cost-savings advantages of a distributed development team, iOLAP provides its customers the most advanced BI solutions at a significantly reduced price point. To discuss how iOLAP’s BIDC can help you save money on BI/DW solutions, contact us to schedule a meeting at

“Although other BI providers have turned to offshore locations in an attempt to drive down costs, development quality can be inconsistent. Our selection criteria were far more rigorous because we are unwilling to sacrifice quality to deliver lower-cost solutions,” said Doug Slemmer, CEO and founder of iOLAP. “The Rijeka development center will allow us to maintain the quality that our customers have come to expect while decreasing both delivery time and costs.”

After an extensive search for the ideal BIDC location, iOLAP selected Rijeka because of its many competitive advantages, including:

  • Workforce: Rijeka provides a highly educated workforce supported by the region’s most modern and advanced university-level information technology degree programs, including a dedicated focus on informatics, data warehousing and decision-support technologies.
  • Language: Croatia enjoys a very high level of English fluency with a secondary-language focus starting during elementary-level school and continuing through the university level, including English courses tailored for business professionals.
  • Location: With a Central European location, Croatia provides convenient access to all of Europe. Venice, Florence, Munich and Budapest are all within a day’s drive, making Rijeka a true gateway to the rest of the European continent.
  • Time zone: Unlike India or other Asian locations, which typically have 12-hour time differences, Croatia enjoys the Central European time zone (CET), allowing for half a business day of overlap with our U.S.-based customers.

iOLAP’s unique approach to delivering Business Intelligence extends easily to a distributed development model. Our proven Delivery Methodology (aptly named “BI3”) ensures that each phase of your BI/DW solution is carefully designed, developed, tested and delivered to our exacting standards regardless of the developer’s location. An additional advantage to our approach is the direct involvement of our U.S.-based development teams with our BIDC development teams. Our U.S.-based team members are routinely rotated to the BIDC in Rijeka, Croatia, to work directly with those international team members. This ensures the highest level of communication, cross-training and consistency – a level not typically found in typical “offshore” arrangements.

With its Croatia development center, iOLAP is able to offer clients:

  • Cost savings: We leverage the right resource for the task in the most cost-efficient location.
  • High quality: Our industry-leading BI solution architects, technical leads and project managers have built iOLAP’s reputation in the marketplace by providing the very best and brightest BI professionals available, period. We keep those experienced roles on-site and directly responsible for the success of your BI solution with the support of a highly trained team of remote BI developers to provide a unique and unmatched cost/quality proposition.

To learn more about how our Business Intelligence Development Center (BIDC) can help your organization lower costs while also increasing quality, please contact us today to schedule a meeting at

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