Presenting iOLAP’s New Auto Dealer Dashboard Mobile App

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iOLAP has released a new Mobile BI App for Auto Dealers using MicroStrategy’s Mobile App Development Platform.  The app is called the Dealer Dashboard.

Dealer Dashboard Icon-HiResThe Dealer Dashboard is a powerful mobile app that delivers three primary benefits to auto dealerships:

  • Executive-level information to analyze and track overall company performance
  • Management tracking of performance and sales activity at the dealer level
  • Sales associate tools to increase customer conversion

The Group Level dashboard is used by executives who oversee multiple dealerships within the overall organization. High-level metrics like inventory trends and year-over-year financial comparisons are also visible.  These users have the ability to drill down into lower level details and analysis.

Dealer Dashboard Screen 2The Dealer Level dashboard is used by the management of an individual dealership to view useful metrics about performance and sales status. This dashboard has three main areas of focus: Variable (auto sales), Fixed (parts and service) and Finance.  Another popular dashboard provides a Sales Leaderboard display–an interactive, current, up-to-the-minute digital view of the day’s sales activity (replacing the manually updated white board in the sales manager’s office).

Dealer Dashboard Screen 1The Sales Associate Level dashboard shows the associate’s performance over time, but more importantly it allows the salesperson to never leave the side of the prospective buyer.  The dashboard presents a comprehensive inventory list, client contact information and history, and product competitive analysis and positioning strategies.


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