Amazon Web Services Taps iOLAP for Enterprise Voice Technology

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Amazon Web Services Taps iOLAP for Enterprise Voice Technology

The subsidiary of has partnered with veteran data firm iOLAP to enhance Alexa’s capabilities for business

FRISCO, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–iOLAP, Inc., a strategic analytics consultancy specializing in big data, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence, announced today a new partnership with AWS for iOLAP’s Enterprise Voice service offering.

“Voice will be crucial in unlocking our digital systems for everyone to use”

iOLAP’s partnership with AWS, the result of mutual collaboration over the past fifteen months, will enable users of Enterprise Voice to interact with core business functions utilizing voice and text, to quickly access key information from enterprise applications. Building on years of customer success with companies across a wide array of industries including AT&T, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, and Bank of America, iOLAP’s Enterprise Voice provides business value by eliminating the technical learning curve of data access. It provides an intuitive, natural language interface for questions and answers. Enterprise Voice maximizes the user’s business skills, increase the speed of communication, and provides an environment for problem solving and creativity.

During his keynote presentation at Amazon Web Service’s re:Invent conference on Thursday morning, Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer of, described voice as “the next major disruption in computing.” “Voice will be crucial in unlocking our digital systems for everyone to use,” said Vogels.

“The idea behind our Enterprise Voice service is to fundamentally change the way we interact with technology” said Chris Jordan, CEO of iOLAP. “Millions of people around the globe use Alexa for convenience; they get information such as their personal schedules, or the weather. Why shouldn’t business professionals be able to capitalize on this technology in the workplace? For enterprises, this isn’t merely convenience, it is about efficiency, and positive ROI.”

iOLAP’s Enterprise Voice service provides robust integration of corporate data and security, deployed using Alexa for Business. Rapid custom skill development delivers voice access to internal employees, and/or external customers, through managed devices like Amazon Echo, or iOLAP’s white label mobile application. Enterprise Voice offers more than simple answers:

  • drill down into data with calculations on the fly;
  • call up written reports and/or video;
  • write data back to applications;
  • send notifications via text or email;
  • robust integrated security protocols.

Enterprise Voice connects to any endpoint. For large enterprises, this is the ultimate shared service.

For example, iOLAP’s Mobile Sales Rep Assistant allows a sales professional on the road to easily update their CRM system, or access sales performance and operational metrics, within seconds utilizing voice.

Clients can accelerate their voice program by using one of the pre-defined Enterprise Voice solutions, or work with iOLAP to create a custom voice application for their unique use case. Voice solutions include KPI Concierge for the CFO, Mobile Sales Rep Assistant, Airport Assistant, and Portfolio Concierge for Financial Services.

About iOLAP

iOLAP is a big-data and advanced-analytics consultancy operating at the forefront of technology for more than two decades. They serve many of the world’s largest corporations across all major industries. iOLAP’s newest offering, Enterprise Voice, provides robust integration of corporate data and security with Alexa For Business. For more information, visit


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