Data & Analytics

Drive innovation by applying new analytical technology and capabilities. Unlock the power of your data.
AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
AWS Advanced Consulting Partner


No other workload can boast alignment with business value and ROI than a data and analytics migration to the cloud. It's for this reason that many of our customers start their AWS cloud journey here. Gone are the days of expensive capital investment, deprioritized high availability/disaster recovery, and aging infrastructure. Our experts can help you strategize, build, and operate the right data solution for your organization.

Data Lakes, Warehouses, and Lakehouses

Unlock the power of data in your organization through efficient storage, secure access, and polyglot consumption strategies. We've been implementing greenfield data architectures for 20 years; it's in our DNA.

Data Engineering Modernization

Implement the right acquisition, cleanse, and data transformation strategy using modern tooling and techniques.

Reports, Dashboards, and Data Discovery

Take your data to your users with role specific solutions, engaging story boards, and actionable insights.

Innovation Day

De-risk innovation in your organization with our complimentary 2 hour workshop showcasing applications built by our customers and powered by AWS.

Data Strategy Health Check

Is your workload optimized for performance, fault tolerance, and security? What are your blindspots and opportunities to unlock innovation for your users?

Data Strategy & Migrations

Rationalize, rehost, retool, or retire traditional on-prem data and analytics systems. Let iOLAP help you build your business case for a data and analytics migration to AWS and execute your strategy.

Technology Stack AWS Data & Analytics

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