Client Description

Alkami Technology, Inc. provides online and mobile banking solutions for credit unions and banks. Based in Plano, Texas, the company’s digital banking platform delivers unparalleled functionality, security, flexibility and extensibility with a superior architecture designed for the future of digital banking. With its modern interface, fully hosted business intelligence solution and customizable feature set, the platform is the ultimate digital banking solution for financial institutions. There are currently more than 4 million end users.


Alkami’s standard reporting package delivered with their solution offered limited data access, and intermittently resulted in performance issues for the entire application. Alkami wanted to transform their reporting capabilities from a competitive disadvantage to an advantage. The vision was for a new data management platform that increased analytical capability and performance, to further enable new product features including one-to-one marketing, offer fulfillment and campaign performance tracking.


Alkami partnered with iOLAP to build an entirely new cloud-based analytics platform called Flux to service all customer analytical needs from a single source of truth that does not interfere with the performance of the digital banking application. The solution is securely located in the AWS cloud and provides seamless access and integration with all financial institution customer applications.


For Alkami’s financial institution customers, Flux provides a 360⁰ view of all their customer interactions and the ability to define tailored marketing campaigns based on specific customer demographics. For Alkami analysts, the single source of truth data enables advanced analytics and the ability to monitor usage and other KPI’s across the entire Alkami customer base.


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