American Airlines

Client Description

American Airlines Group (AAG) is one of the largest airlines in the world. American and US Airways operate 930 mainline jets, and regional subsidiaries and third-party regional carriers operate nearly 600 regional jets.


American Airlines needed to migrate their legacy mainframe Marketing Information Revenue System (MIRS) to a more modern and robust platform. The conversion process had numerous challenges with legacy code that was no longer supported, and AA lacked internal resources with knowledge of the code base. The complete conversion had to be completed within a two-year window due to licensing and compliance issues.


The iOLAP Data Management Architects worked alongside with American Airlines and Teradata Corporation complete the conversion. iOLAP was responsible for the Legacy code translation into technical design documents for the Teradata team. iOLAP architects designed and automated the data integration process to populate a new MIRS EDW.


The new process enabled American Airlines to perform advanced analytics, sunset their software that was out of compliance and to track data lineage.


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