Dickey's Barbecue Pit


Dickey’s Barbecue Pit operates more than 530 locations in 43 states. They still slow smoke all meats on-site just the same way they did in 1941.


Like all restaurants, Dickey’s needed better insight into multiple information sources: sales from multiple channels, inventory and food cost, labor and scheduling, and multiple internal operational systems. With an ever-growing franchise, Dickey’s was also pushing new programs to the store: Wi-Fi hotspots, loyalty programs, online ordering, customer sentiment systems, and email marketing solutions. With this treasure trove of new data assets and the need to provide advanced analytics to both corporate and franchise users, Dickey’s needed an innovative solution to scale with their growth plans.


iOLAP architected a secure and scalable solution on the AWS platform. Store sales and labor data is pushed to S3 every 5 minutes and processed into Redshift for near real time analytics using Lambda. End of day sales and labor, inventory, and supply chain sources are integrated nightly using Syncsort DMX running on EC2. Loyalty transactions are delivered to SQS and processed in micro batches throughout the day. Using API’s, we pull online ordering and email marketing data on demand. Yellowfin’s BI platform runs on EC2 and provides a clean and consistent data visualization layer for more than 600 end users via web browser or mobile device.


  • Dickey’s has a best of breed technology stack at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches
  • They’re able to complete analysis and build applications for customer segmentation, menu optimization, media spend optimization, and site selection
  • The framework allows for rapid innovation and ingestion of new information assets.
  • 30% savings in compute costs
  • TCO reduced by 54 percent. AWS enabled Dickey’s to scale at a fraction of its on-premises cost


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