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The client developed a standardized process for project management that included data points to track and monitor projects throughout their lifecycle stages, from Opportunity to Closeout. However, project data was residing in multiple systems, hence, preventing the client from having a single source of truth across all projects and initiatives. In addition, outgrowing the existing system leveraging Sharepoint resulted in extensive manual efforts and numerous hours of pulling data from various sources for project management and ad-hoc reporting purposes.


iOLAP partnered with the client to develop a Data Lake in Azure, Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) in Snowflake and Reporting/Dashboarding in Power BI. The solution extracted data from various sources and consolidated within a Snowflake EDW. iOLAP also designed and developed approximately 60 reports and dashboards to track and monitor all opportunities and programs, with the ability to drill down to granular project and task level views, needed for controlling and deeper analysis.


The solution alleviated manual efforts in sourcing, analyzing and reporting on data from multiple source systems and saved numerous hours per week spent on such endeavors, freeing client’s staff from tedious, repetitive tasks and allowing them to focus on efforts with greater value to the company. Many data quality issues were identified and fixed, which resulted from erroneous and inconsistent extraction processes utilized by various project teams. Lastly, actionable insights presented in Power BI enabled improved visibility throughout the organization and significantly enhanced project management and execution.

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