Living Spaces

Client Description

Living Spaces Furniture, LLC operates as a online furniture mart portal. The Company offer sale of sofas, chair, mattresses, rug, decor, pillow, tables, and wall art products. Living Spaces Furniture serves customers in the United States, including through nineteen (19) retail stores in California, Arizona, and Nevada.


LivingSpaces had been operating within a dated data warehouse that was constructed under intense time constraints and with few of the current best practices. This was understood by the management team and they needed to take action as other changes in their IT were looming.

Building a Data Warehouse is no small feat however building a Data Warehouse while your source system is being upgraded and the amount of tables grew over 100% is in some organizations, next to impossible.


The iOLAP Data Management Architects collaborated with LivingSpaces BI Manager and SSIS developer to come up with a model that would provide performance and longevity while allowing for festering in this growing company.


The new Data Warehouse is a true dimensional model based on a Star Schema that is functional and very easy to maintain. The introduction of a robust staging area has created an area to cleanse and refine the data before loading into the Data Warehouse where the data resides at its lowest level allowing Tableau, their reporting tool of choice, to easily read the Data Warehouse Fact tables in to present this data in a way that executives and store personnel alike can make quick decisions based on what they see at a moments notice.


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