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Lucia Health Guidelines is the first clinical decision support tool that leverages machine learning and the power of cloud computing to help maintain clinical guidelines at the point of care. Lucia’s mission is to create a future with better care, better outcomes, and better economics for our healthcare system.


American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology have made clear-cut guidelines based on scientific evidence and outcomes data for the treatment of atrial fibrillation (‘AF’, ‘Afib’) and prevention of stroke. Yet, Xian MD and colleagues at Duke University (March 2017) reported that most patients with atrial fibrillation are not being treated as per the guidelines in the community setting. In fact, they reviewed the charts of ~94,000 strokes victims with atrial fibrillations and 84% (~80,000 patients) did not receive the recommended anticoagulation as per the guidelines prior to their strokes. Xian believes that an estimated 58,000 to 88,000 strokes might be preventable per year if the Afib treatment guidelines are followed. As a country we spend about $6Billion a year on Afib/prevention of stroke and ~$83Billion a year on the long-term care of stroke victims.

Here is our opportunity to save lives, prevents strokes, and save tens of billions healthcare dollars by helping clinicians maintain these Afib guidelines.


iOLAP designed and implemented a well-architected, HIPAA-compliant, solution that captures and analyzes EKG images using custom computer vision code. These EKG results are compared with patient data to determine a personalized risk assessment.


Lucia can deliver a scalable, fully-automated solution which brings the equivalent expertise of highly skilled clinicians trained in AF to any point of care. This will allow patients to be discharged with optimal therapy and referral to a specialist for continued care.


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