Major US Plumbing Fixtures Manufacturer

Client Description

This undisclosed client is a major American manufacturer of plumbing fixtures under multiple brands, including bath and shower fixtures, faucets and toilets.


The client needed to democratize enterprise data, which was hindered by legacy environments, hardware, and processes; omnipresent manual efforts and tribal knowledge within the organization. Also, the client wanted to modernize their data processing by developing a unified and accessible home for internal and 3rd-party data, as well as allowing future ingestion of data sources with minimal effort. 3rd-party data was especially problematic since schema changes were applied frequently and without advance notice.


iOLAP engaged with the client to address data needs throughout the organization and to modernize their experience with data by building a modern Analytics solution, following best practices and leveraging cutting-edge Azure services. The solution was responsible for extracting, shaping, validating, and processing input data to the Data Warehouse, Data Lake, and/or Delta Lake for more than 60 data sources in a variety of formats and velocity. A critical feature included the ability to detect and alert schema drift scenarios of key fields identified by the business stakeholders. The solution supported three different methods for data ingestion (SharePoint, API and e-mail attachment), while users were empowered by a self-service reporting and dashboarding functionality via Power BI, and discovery and governance via Azure Purview.


The benefits of the new analytics solution were numerous - it is used across the organization, ready to support most critical analytical queries, while providing even greater value to our client’s customers. For a company that produces substantial amounts of data from a large number of sources, allowing minimal effort ingestion of data sources and gaining a deep insight into datasets, allows them to drive their business to the new level by making data-driven decisions while developing new and exciting products. In addition, by facilitating deprecation of outdated and manual processes as well as sunsetting legacy systems, significant cost savings were incurred.

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