Merit Energy

Client Description

Merit Energy is a private firm specializing in direct investments in oil and gas assets, who strives to maximize Limited Partners’ return by increasing the value of each of the assets they own, controlling costs, improving efficiency, and increasing oil and gas production.


Merit have created various planning and actual models to analyze data by subject areas. Many of their old data resides in legacy system which many users either had no access to or did not know how to. They converted some of their old models to SAP BW/HANA, but it did not contain history data from legacy system. Also, new models weren’t fully integrated and they were not able to maximize capabilities SAP technologies had to offer.


iOLAP helped Merit migrate data from their legacy system to SAP BW/HANA for all of their previously written models. Along the way, iOLAP helped them refactor master data to have one version of truth, re-architected the system to allow all models to flow seamlessly using unified processes, and worked on performance tuning to leverage in-memory capabilities of SAP HANA.


All users now can access all historical data and run reports to make past years comparisons. They don’t have to use different tools, instead they are able to use same set of reports with one version of truth throughout the organization.


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