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OBIEE restart of system components using WLST

Goran Ardalić

OBIEE, which stands for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, is the Oracle solution for business intelligence analytics.

Tyler Adams

I thought it would be fun to take a brief look and see some of the new features we have coming our way.

Marin Radobuljac

This blog post shows how can MicroStrategy’s great interoperability capabilities be used to drive value for the clients.

Ivan Jadrić

Modern enterprises generate terabytes of data on a daily basis and with the advancements in the IoT that number is only going to grow higher.

Marin Radobuljac

LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. It is an application protocol used to manage and access the directory service.

Marc Messina

Voice enabled technology is the efficiency tool of the future.


Ever want to trigger exports or other actions from a dropdown on your report services document in MicroStrategy?


Applications for voice in healthcare settings and a new partnership with a health system to bring voice tech into the OR in a phone interview.


Thanks to improvements in speech recognition, users can now interact with enterprise systems via voice.

Marc Messina

When Amazon introduced the voice assistant Alexa iOLAP Founder and CEO Chris Jordan was among the first wave of customers.

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