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Big Data FAQ


Big Data is the culmination of several years’ worth of data that your company has stored in their data warehouse.

Erich Guenther

Maintaining a database of postal mail addresses requires them to be maintained over time and validated.

Prakash Sukumar

MicroStrategy prefers de-normalized snowflake schemas, but this does not mean it is always necessary to “snowflake” your dimensions.

Chris Jordan

The ability to deliver the right information at the right time and in the right context is crucial.


The basic premise of the article is that management and leadership are different but complementary.


Developing ETL code and attempting to achieve the ultimate business solution can have its challenges.

Prakash Sukumar

It was interesting to learn how IBM stacks up against other vendors in the Big Data landscape.

Jacob Anil

Many of us are familiar with design sessions where business leaders confirm the chances of a certain scenario happening is rare.

Prakash Sukumar

Every successful technology goes through several cycles of invention, discovery, socialization, adoption and continuous improvement.


Flaws and failures have always been part of the technology world.

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