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ML Model Deployment with Kubernetes and Go Language

Milan Blazevic

Machine learning models are deployed to solve specific problems or provide value in various applications, such as healthcare, finance, recommendation systems, and autonomous vehicles. In these scenarios, model performance directly impacts real-world outcomes.

Lora Logarušić

People analytics collects and applies organizational, people, and talent data to enable organizations to make informed decisions.

Andrea Hrelja

Versioning plays a crucial role in the context of database deployment.

Marko Sedlak

Query automation is an important part of fraud detection systems, especially in moving them towards real time operation.

Lucija Šošić

ChatGPT has been a number one topic since its release to the public. And the feedback on it has been overwhelming, with a reason.

Jose Pablo Cabrera Flores

Apache Iceberg is a key piece to achieving an open lake house architecture so you can reduce the cost of data warehouses.

Nataša Šarić Staničić

In the world of data and information liability is everywhere for you and your clients.

Austin Chambers, Ajay Kalyan, Andrea Arapovic

Quality data instills confidence in business decision makers and builds trust across teams, here is how we defined it using Azure DevOps Pipelines.

Mario Galjanić

With IBM Netezza, there are many ways to pull data from a backup, but a relatively new feature has been included which allows the use also an AWS stack.

Damiem Chamness

In this article we will first draw a direct line between Power BI’s feature set, and their Excel origins, as a way of explaining where your Excel-to-Power BI use cases begin.

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