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Netezza Zone Maps and Data Model considerations

Jacob Anil

Netezza is a data warehousing appliance that uses an Asymmetric Massive Parallel Processing Architecture.

Jacob Anil

We are living in an era when we constantly hear buzzwords like Big Data, Prescriptive Analytics and Data Science.

Abishek Shah

very five to six years, there comes a technology wave, and if you are able to catch it, it will take you a long way.

Bryan Hearron

Leverage the Talend random data generator to spawn records onto a CUSTOMER table residing on the Netezza emulator.


Today’s business intelligence and data warehouse markets are in the middle of profound transformation.

Chris Jordan

If you have any doubts about the data flood that is covering the globe, here are a few amazing stats. Around the world, in just one minute.

Stephanie Fisher

In Bill’s opinion the Big Data technology push is not providing the return on investment he believes it should.


I particularly enjoyed the first chapter of Secrets of Analytical Leaders: Insights from Information Insiders.


I had seen this phrase a few times before, but for some reason it really caught my eye this time: The Third Platform.


So what does “cloud” mean within the context of things like Big Data, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing?

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