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Netezza - Introduction to Resource Groups

Nikola Samardzic

While user groups are something that can be found across nearly every database, IBM’s Netezza, besides user groups, has something specific called resource groups.

Nikola Samardzic, Mario Galjanic

The goal was to generate static reports, similar to the ones available in Cloud Pak for Data’s user interface.

Andrew Kipp

Defaulting on a loan means failure to make loan payments for consecutive months. This makes it a key problem and a challenge to be solved.

Mario Galjanić

With IBM Netezza, there are many ways to pull data from a backup, but a relatively new feature has been included which allows the use also an AWS stack.

Jacob Anil

Netezza is a data warehousing appliance that uses an Asymmetric Massive Parallel Processing Architecture.

Bryan Hearron

Leverage the Talend random data generator to spawn records onto a CUSTOMER table residing on the Netezza emulator.

Chris Jordan

How old is your data warehouse? It’s a simple question and probably one you don’t think about much.

Erich Guenther

Maintaining a database of postal mail addresses requires them to be maintained over time and validated.

Chris Jordan

The ability to deliver the right information at the right time and in the right context is crucial.

Prakash Sukumar

It was interesting to learn how IBM stacks up against other vendors in the Big Data landscape.

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