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We’ve made off-shoring easier than ever with a simple model we call ‘Co-Shoring.’
We provide all the infrastructure and you hand-pick your team.
No headaches, just high-quality and cost-effective solutions.

This is off-shoring with a view.

Come share our development center and get the most talented and cost-effective developers to help build and manage your IT solutions.

Why Croatia?

Talented Workforce.

By partnering with local universities we’re able to attract, train and maintain the best and brightest talent. Plus our network provides you direct access to tailor a curriculum shaped for your needs and requirements.

Convenient Time Zone

With up to a half day of real business overlap, Croatia’s Central Europe Time zone (CET) provides a convenient US workday overlap that other offshore locations cannot match.

English Language Proficiency

Beginning in elementary school and taught through university, with courses tailored for business professionals, Croatia enjoys an incredibly high level of English fluency.

Cost Consistency

Avoid the talent wage wars by being somewhere different. Did you know average IT salaries in India increased 10-15% last year alone?

Location Convenience

With a Central European location, Croatia provides convenient access to all of Europe. Venice, Florence, Munich and Budapest are just a drive away — making Croatia a true gateway to all of the European continent

Creative Problem Solvers

The Croatian work culture matches the United States in drive and dedication. True problem solvers that take pride in finding solutions is what makes an offshore success

Here’s What Others Are Saying

"As a startup we have to make every dollar go as far as possible. Coadria lets us do that and still maintain quality. There’s simply no way we could have made it to market as quickly as we did without our team there."

“As a startup we have to make every dollar go as far as possible.

Co-Shoring lets us do that and still maintain quality.

There’s simply no way we could have made it to market

as quickly as we did without our team there.”

Douglas Slemmer, CEO —

"As a startup we have to make every dollar go as far as possible. Coadria lets us do that and still maintain quality. There’s simply no way we could have made it to market as quickly as we did without our team there."

“The prospect of opening our own offshore center was daunting

and time-consuming. Co-Shoring's offering let us spend our time

working to grow our business instead of worrying about

the details of opening and managing a new office.”

Don Peterson, Partner — Clarity

"As a startup we have to make every dollar go as far as possible. Coadria lets us do that and still maintain quality. There’s simply no way we could have made it to market as quickly as we did without our team there."

“As a very high-growth organization we needed to find a better

way to keep up with our ever expanding business demands.

Co-shoring was the perfect partner for that, while still enabling us to

maintain the direct control over product development that we required."

Joe Sullivan, CTO/CIO — UniFocus

Our Process

If you’re ready, so are we. Here’s a primer on how easy it is to get up and running.


Every new engagement starts with a discussion on your requirements and goals. The more we understand your business, the more we can do to help you meet your goals


With your business goals in mind, we recruit top talent and screen them to meet your requirements.


Once vetted, you directly interview and choose your team, via Skype — just as you would if hiring locally.


Once you pick your team, we handle all the hassle of hiring, from salary negotiations to employment contracts and initial onboarding.

We almost do it all.

We are constantly expanding our capabilities, finding new talent and developing specialized skills.

Web App Development

  • Front-End: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (Less.js, Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular, React)
  • Back-End: PHP (Laravel, CakePHP), ASP.NET, Python (Django), Java, JavaScript (node.js)

Mobile App Development

  • OS (Objective-C, Swift, Swift 2.0)
  • Android (Java)
  • Windows Phone (Visual C++, Visual C#)

Data Warehouse Analytic Platforms

  • IBM PureData for Analytics (Netezza)
  • Teradata, AWS Redshift, SAP HANA

Business Intelligence

  • Microstrategy, Yellowfin BI, Oracle BIEE, SAP BOBJ
  • IBM Analytics, Microsoft SSIS/SSRS, Informatica, Talend

Systems Administration

  • Linux system administration (RHEL,  Debian, CentOS, IBM AIX)
  • Windows System Administration


  • Amazon Web Services, IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure
  • Migrations and administration


  • MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB, Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase, DB2

Big Data

  • Hadoop, Cloudera
  • AWS EMR, Hortonworks

…and many more (just ask!)

FAQ: We’ve Got Answers

When is the best time to visit the shared development center in Rijeka?2018-08-27T09:31:59-06:00

We always encourage you to visit us! The climate in Rijeka is mediterranean. This means we get hot summers and mild winters. The beautiful scenery, vicinity of the islands and beaches make a compelling argument to visit between late spring and early fall, but every season has something to offer.

We will assist with booking the flights and booking your accommodation for the duration of your stay. Also, we will organize your transportation from and to the airport. There are two major airports in the vicinity, Zagreb, Croatia (1h drive) and Venice, Italy (2,5h drive) so flight connections are good all year round.

Will the hardware configuration comply with our company standards?2018-08-27T09:30:32-06:00

The Setup Fee includes a workstation competitive with current industry standards, OS of your choice and an Office 365 license. If your company has special/custom hardware and software needs, we will work with you to define and procure the necessary equipment while these costs will remain your company’s responsibility.

Is it possible to collaborate with a dedicated team on a short-term project?2018-08-27T09:29:23-06:00

Unfortunately, short-term collaboration isn’t possible. The premise of Co-Shoring is long-term collaboration where you tailor a dedicated team according to your business needs to form an extension to your on-shore team.

What are the Croatian office hours and how much overlap is there with the US office hours?2018-08-27T09:28:32-06:00

The Croatian office hours are 9AM – 5PM.

Croatia enjoys the CET (Central European Time) time zone, which, depending on your time zone, may provide several hours of overlap of the normal business day. Furthermore, the office hours of your team can be temporarily shifted if the project requires more overlap. The greatest benefit of this time zone is that the reports made at the end of business at the Croatian office await you first thing in the morning at the US office.

How do you make sure my intellectual property stays secure?2018-08-27T09:26:15-06:00

The software developers you hire with us perform work that belongs to you, just as it does at your home office. We take intellectual property seriously and ensure the same care of yours as we do our own. We have NDAs in place with all of our developers, and encourage you to do the same. You can use your own email servers and/or administer your team’s workstations remotely.

Our standard security measures include restricted access to our offices, firewall protection, antivirus scanning, enforced-password policy, and system administrator support. If you have additional security measures you would like added, they can be added.

Will the developer practice agile software development?2018-08-27T09:05:11-06:00

Yes. That is the standard common practice among developers. Our teams are as talented as any you’ll find across the US.

Can Croatian citizens visit the United States on business?2018-08-27T09:31:16-06:00

Croatian citizens need to obtain a valid Visa to enter the U.S. territory. The process is simple and typically takes less than three weeks. We will take care of all the administrative procedures and your team can visit for training purposes, conferences or leisure.

What are the costs of starting my Co-Shore team?2018-08-27T09:30:00-06:00

There is a one-time Setup Fee in the amount of $2,500.00 per person that covers the costs of recruitment, onboarding and industry standard workstation with two monitors. In short, everything your team members need to successfully launch their career within your company.

What is the contract length for the new members of my team?2018-08-27T09:28:09-06:00

The contracts we extend are based on a one year commitment. One year is enough time to bring your Co-Shore team to full productivity. However, if for whatever reason you decide that Co-Shoring is not meeting your expectations, there is a 60-day cancellation policy.

What if I’m not satisfied with the developers I hire with you?2018-08-27T09:26:59-06:00

It rarely happens. However, if you feel dissatisfied with a developer or engineer, let your account manager know immediately. We will work diligently to enhance cooperation and workflow. If this necessary, just as you would in your home office, our recruiters will start looking for a replacement at no additional cost to you.

What is your differentiator compared to other services?2018-08-27T09:13:43-06:00

Many other services are in eastern Europe, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, etc.  They are not in the EU.  We are.  This means Croatia’s entire economy benefits from the cohesive laws and regulations of the European Union.  This gives our clients confidence in smooth integration and a mutual culture of business.  It also allows our team to travel more freely.

A new and different way to off-shore:

A shared set of facilities, services and growing body of knowledge helps you avoid the headaches and focus on the good stuff.


Additional Services


Addressing the challenges of innovation, demonstrating results, and identifying how to do more with less.

This includes Business Case & Value assessments, Strategy & Roadmaps, IT and TCO modeling.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) implementation and upgrade services. Including planning, forecasting, and consolidation services.

Enterprise Voice

iOLAP’s newest offering, Enterprise Voice, provides robust integration of corporate data and security with Alexa for Work. Rapid custom skill development delivers voice access to your employees, and/or customers, through managed devices like Amazon Echo, or our white label mobile application. Enterprise Voice offers more than simple answers:

  • drill down into data with calculations on the fly
  • call up written reports and/or video
  • write data back to applications
  • send notifications via text or email.

Enterprise Voice connects to any endpoint. For large enterprises, this is the ultimate shared service.


Includes the strategy, architecture design and building of an integration data environment to support all aspects of data analysis from reporting to advanced analytics, including Data Strategy, ETL, and Governance to Improve the overall data quality of your solutions.

Big Data Services including strategy, roadmap, technology assessment, TCO analysis, cloud Analytics services, and business impact and opportunities.
Services optimize Big Data Architecture including In Memory Technology, MPP Platforms, and Data Lake integration (Hadoop, Spark, etc)

Reporting & Visualization

Includes design, development, and implementation services that deliver solutions.
These services range from Agile Development, Report Creation, Near-Shore Strategic Insights, Offshore Reporting Factory, and platform modernization and upgrades.

Advanced Analytics & Data Science

Focus on assisting clients jump-start their advanced analytics programs through organization and use case design and implementation, including process, technology, and capabilities.

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