IBM Solution: Cloud Pak for Data and IIAS

Best practice quick start
IBM Gold Business Partner
IBM Gold Business Partner

Day 1

Cloud Pak and Hybrid Data Management Overview

These systems are small components of IBM’s Cloud Pak and Hybrid Data Management offerings. This track covers an in-depth overview of the following:

• Cloud Pak overview
• Cloud Pak for Data overview and Performance Server
• Data governance and virtualization
• Convergence with Netezza
• Hybrid data management solutions and the Common SQL Engine
• Integrated Analytics System
• Hardware and software architecture
• Db2 Warehouse on Cloud
• Data Science Experience and Spark integration

System - Overview

The overview track provides a hands-on overview with a live connection to the system:

• Management console overview
• Monitoring
• Backup, restore, and disaster recovery
• Upgrading
• Software


The administration track provides a detailed overview of key administrative techniques:

• Administration console overview
• Performance Server and/or Db2 warehouse console overview
• System and workload monitoring
• Performance tuning
• Workload management

Day 2

Administration Continued

This track is a continuation of the coverage of key administrative techniques:

• System and workload monitoring
• Performance tuning
• Workload management

Best Practice and Managed Service

The best practice and managed service track provides an overview of best practice techniques and strategies:

• Customer specific DR/backup strategies
• Optimization
• Capacity planning
• High availability

Cloud Pak for Data Fundamentals

• Cloud Pak Cartridges and VPCs
• Multicloud data access and integration
• Data discovery
• Data Privacy and Security
• Analytics

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