Client Description

AcuSport is one of the leading distributors of outdoor and shooting sports products with a mission to better serve consumers.


In an era of Big Data & Self-Service analytics, AcuSport reporting was driven mainly by Excel spread marts.  Data was pulled on demand by business analysts from multiple sources resulting in decreased productivity and multiple versions of the truth.  Robust hardware was needed even to interact with data and storage costs were out of control.  AcuSport desired an integrated data library, data governance, and infrastructure costs aligned with consumption.


For data extraction, transformation, and storage, iOLAP architected a solution on Amazon Web Services.  Using modern integration techniques, source data is pushed or pulled from source systems and staged in Amazon S3.  Syncsort’s DMX platform handles data integration orchestration, transformation, and loading into Amazon Redshift.


With the creation of the data warehouse, the foundation has been laid to integrate data from additional source systems.  Reporting and visualization tools can easily be layered on top of this single version of the truth and business analysts can actually interact with data.  AcuSport has achieved an enterprise class analytic platform at the fraction of the cost of traditional on premise solutions.

  • Tools: EC2 | Redshift | MicroStrategy | Syncsort | S3
  • Categories: Big Data, Analytics
  • Tags: Retail