Client Description

DAVO is an innovative technology company dedicated to automating sales tax management.Based in Portland, Maine, DAVO’s patented technology is trusted by thousands of merchants to automate their sales tax compliance through automated daily cash management and seamless return filing.  DAVO works in partnership with leading point-of-sale (‘POS’) providers such as Square, Clover, Revel, Poynt, Intuit Quickbooks, and others.

Sales tax is a major national problem for both the merchants and the states. For the more than 6 million small brick and mortar merchants (which equates to over $150 billion in sales tax collection), it is predominantly a cash management issue; having the funds available when it is time to pay.  For states, where sales tax accounts for on average, up to 50% of most state budgets, suboptimal collection and compliance issues are the norm because they are dependent upon these very same merchants who act as intermediaries.

DAVO Sales Tax is the solution.  DAVO does for sales tax what ADP and Paychex did for payroll.

DAVO has other solutions, including:


DAVO’s development work loads fluctuate based on new partnerships, customer requests, and product development initiatives.  They needed high-quality application development resources that could support their high-growth SaaS business model.


iOLAP’s pool of talented developers adds resource elasticity to DAVO’s team and accelerates the deployment of new initiatives.


Faster development of integrations accelerates DAVO’s go-to-market time frame.

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