Client Description

Harris Corporation is an international communications equipment company focused on product, system, and service solutions. The Company provides a range of mission critical communications products, systems, and services for global markets, including defense communications and electronics, government and broadcast communications, and wireless transmission network solutions.

The company, which develops communications products for government and commercial customers in more than 100 countries, makes radio-frequency (RF) and satellite communications and other wireless network transmission equipment; air traffic control systems; and digital network management systems. Harris also offers specialized IT services. Harris’ commercial clients come from the construction, energy, health care, maritime, oil, transportation, and utilities industries. One of its biggest customers is the US Department of Defense.

Harris corporate segments include:

  • Critical Networks provides managed services for air traffic control, energy, and maritime communications as well as ground network operations. It supplies 30% of revenue.
  • Communication Systems works in tactical communications and defense and public safety networks and accounts for 25% of revenue.
  • Space and Intelligence Systems provides Earth observation, environmental, geospatial, space protection, and intelligence products, as well as ground processing and information analytics. It, too, accounts for 25% of revenue.
  • Electronic Systems offers a range of products for electronic warfare, avionics, wireless technology, C4I, and undersea systems. It generates a fifth of revenue.

Harris operates some 220 locations in Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Central and South America, Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Latin American, and the US, with nearly $8 billion in sales.  Its primary customers are US government agencies, including prime contractors and supported foreign defense organizations.

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