Client Description

Pivotal Payments is a small growing company operating in a world of with much larger companies within the same space. Accuracy and attention to detail is of a high necessity to remain relevant and to maintain the confidence of their internal and external customers.


Previously a single source of truth did not exist for any of their Data Warehouse dimensions.  Many of the business users used their own version of the supplied reports based on dimensions from local sources that they deemed pertinent creating inconsistency in the monthly numbers.


iOLAP was able to come in and work with the team to design an MDM solution that looked at all of the available sources and leveraged the most important sources in order based on business rules.


The IT team benefited from the implementation of the MDM system by dramatically reducing the number of inquiries from business users in regards to changing numbers from month to month.  The business now has a true baseline and can rest easy that the information that they view can be used with confidence.

  • Tools: Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) | MicroStrategy | SQL Server
  • Categories: Analytics, Big Data, Managed Services, MDM
  • Tags: Financials