Client Description

Client operates 313 global distribution facilities.


Client wanted to implement and automate a new time management system (Global Workforce Management – GWM) for all employees in all stores across 15 international countries as well as the US using one common code base.  The new process was designed to work with a 3rd party work force management vendor (Red Prairie) that would enforce to the second time management for all hourly employees.

The data integration process for the GWM had country/region specific business rules that needed to be handled for specific labor laws, currency conversions and age specific rules based on location of the stores.


iOLAP architected a solution using IBM InfoSphere DataStage that extracted data from all locations across the globe.  Business rules were implemented based on the specific labor laws of the location and sent to the 3rd party GWM company to allow for time tracking and statistical reporting.


The delivered product allowed for schedule automation and had significant costs savings.  Management could build schedules and know total staff cost at any point in time.  The process provided the ability for the client to report on historical scheduling so they could increase or decrease staff based on special events such as holidays, Super Bowl, etc.  Employees were not allowed to clock in prior to their scheduled time and were forced to clock out at the end of shifts.

  • Tools: IBM InfoSphere DataStage
  • Categories: Big Data, Strategy, MDM
  • Tags: Retail