Data Engineering

The biggest challenge for many companies is not how to get data, but what to do with the enormous amounts of data that is already gathered. Traditional BI systems are not enough anymore. We can help build and grow a modern business analytics platform and create useful insights from existing data. Our approach is based on modern architecture where we can generate predictive analysis, use data mining and more - all depending on your company wants and needs.
Extract value from data and put it to use. Store, organize, manage and process your data. Fuel significant business decisions and strategies with useful data insights.

Traditional Pipelines

Automate processes so that developers’ time can be utilized elsewhere. Automate ingestion, tests and deployments and reduce human error and efforts.

Streaming Ingestion

Stream profiles in seconds and help drive real-time personalization for your end users. All data sent to streaming ingestion is automatically persisted in a data warehouse.

Big Data Patterns

Reduce complexity, improve integration performance and get better results of working with new and larger types of data.

Drive your business forward!

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