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St. Jude Medical

ETL project delivered a single source of truth and also allowed for a multitude of systems to be retired.
Building a customer-centric warehouse on Netezza allowed accurate customer data, faster report creation, customer segmentation, and selling efficiencies.
Leveraging the new Netezza and Hadoop platform enables to identify potential fraud transactions across all locations in near real-time basis through automation.
Striper server and best practices cut nightly load times from 4 hours to 45 minutes and allowed for new options and future expansion in ETL and Reporting.
Better and faster decisions in web analytics, which drove an improved user experience. 0.2% gross demand increase delivered annualized benefits equal to a 10x ROI.
Running critical models to predict equipment failures, improve well operations resulting in significant cost saving.
SAS is able to easily gather and process the data, and produce the required analytical reports in a timely manner.
Data processing and reporting are completely automated. What used to take days to produce is now accomplished in a matter of minutes.
Data strategy that addresses the needs of end users, determining the correct balance between centralized and decentralized data.
One unified and trustful data source for the whole organization that enables better management and faster response rates.

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