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Merit Energy

Running reports and accessing all historical data to make past years comparisons with just one version of truth throughout the organization.
Dashboards creation to report productivity and workloads to streamline process flow, which reduced turnaround times by an average of 25%.
Solution creation that captures and analyzes EKG images using custom computer vision code. These EKG results are compared with patient data to determine a personalized risk assessment.
Data Warehouse model created that provides performance and longevity while allowing for festering of the growing company.
Building with data full profiles of customers including purchasing habits and both geographic and time-based fashion trend.
AWS based solution enables HAS to unlock the true value of data and anticipate traveler needs while forecasting future revenue opportunities and challenges.
Implementation of PUB/SUB architecture, which reduced the load on Teradata, and resulted in savings of millions of dollars.
Analyzing data at an atomic level in one place which is easily accessible and made available to them in a timely manner.
Big savings achieved with the implementation of the ability to see the results of financial record changes shortly after they are made.
Executing in excess of 2 million queries per day with an average response time of < 1 second.

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