Presenting iOLAP’s New Call Center Mobile BI App

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iOLAP has released a new Mobile BI App for Call Centers using MicroStrategy’s Mobile App Development Platform.  The app is called the Call Center Clipboard.


The Call Center Clipboard is a powerful mobile app that provides call center directors and managers a “digital clipboard” for them to literally walk amongst their call center employees while staying connected to important information on their smart phone or tablet.

In a typical call center environment, important information and metrics are only available at the manager’s or supervisor’s desktop computer, a scenario that obviously requires them to constantly return to their desk in an effort to understand how their teams are performing and to monitor call volumes, call problems and other metrics.  A mobile app is the perfect solution to deliver critical information to the supervisors at all times.

Call Center Clipboard Screen1-LowResManagement staff is now able to more accurately diagnose under-performing call center employees, schedule adherence and monitor call center metrics while making drop by visits throughout the center.  These hands-on supervisors can grade employee results and even make observations, in the form of notes, to review with the employees at a later date.

Call Center Clipboard Screen2-LowResAdditional information that can be captured and reported:

  • Call center metrics including cost per contact, customer satisfaction, forecast vs. actual volumes and overall staff utilization
  • Telephony metrics such as average handle times, blocking rates and call volumes

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