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Maui Jim

Maui Jim Creates Enterprise Data Hub with iOLAP and AWS
Performance tuning and regular database maintenance led to considerable reduction in average query times; from 15-25 seconds down to 2-4 seconds.
Less time spent on support customer calls due to faster search for the correct record or customer identification and their assets.
Custom solution for extracting, shaping, validating, and processing input data for more than 60 data sources in a variety of formats and velocity.
TCO reduced by 54 percent. AWS enables Dickey’s to scale at a fraction of its on-premises cost.
Designed and implemented code to perform member matching using numerous different name-matching rules to identify the customer.
Redesigning the process, migrating the data and bringing automation to work.
Integration of important functions with comprehensive loan data provides unlimited possibilities and reduces risk, improves efficiency and drives financial performance.
Protected customer data is one of the top security challenges of modern times, especially financial data.
Focusing on harvesting impression information across conformed dimensions. What took days is now created in minutes.

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