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Leading US Developer and Operator of Telecommunications Infrastructure

iOLAP partnered with the client to develop a Data Lake in Azure, Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) in Snowflake and Reporting/Dashboarding in Power BI.
Enhanced the stream capacity to handle the SLA of several terabytes per day. Work with data suppliers on new streams for additional data topics.
ETL project delivered a single source of truth and also allowed for a multitude of systems to be retired.
Performance tuning and regular database maintenance led to considerable reduction in average query times; from 15-25 seconds down to 2-4 seconds.
Legacy code translation into technical design documents in support of enterprise data warehouse partner.
Extract data from all global locations based on local, specific labor laws, allowing for GWM partner to track time and perform statistical reporting.
Capture & process streaming data from more than twenty (20) million devices globally for advanced analytics.
Maui Jim Creates Enterprise Data Hub with iOLAP and AWS
Custom solution for extracting, shaping, validating, and processing input data for more than 60 data sources in a variety of formats and velocity.
Less time spent on support customer calls due to faster search for the correct record or customer identification and their assets.

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