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APN Advanced Consulting partner with focused expertise and a passion for business outcomes.  Leveraging AWS cloud products and services will help your business scale and grow by building flexible, scalable and reliable solutions that can be implemented in any industry.
AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
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We're an AWS customer too, and have been since 2013.  From just in time training labs, to our web assets and our innovation studios, AWS is the backbone of iOLAP's digital presence.  Given our data and analytics DNA, we became obsessed on finding solutions to optimizing cost, scalability, and performance. We fell in love with the flexibility of lake house architectures, the scalability of purpose made data warehousing services, and the alignment of cost to consumption in these massive data use cases. Our passion for data driven value expanded our expertise into several service areas.

AWS Service Delivery Programs

Amazon API Gateway
Amazon Kinesis
Amazon Redshift
AWS Lambda
AWS EC2 Windows


Authorized Commercial Reseller
AWS Public Sector Partner
APN Immersion Day
Well Architected Partner

Cloud Adoption

Well Architected Reviews, Health Checks & Optimization, Migration Strategy & Planning, Infrastructure Automation & SysOps.

Data & Analytics

Data Warehousing & Data Lakes, Data Pipeline Engineering, Reporting & Visualization Solutions.


Computer Vision, Conversational AI, Operationalizing AI/ML Workloads.

Modern Applications

12 Factor Application Health Check, Application Refactor, CI/CD Adoption, Rapid Prototyping.

Managed Services

24x7x365 Service Desk, Consolidated AWS Billing, Expertise on Demand.

Conversational AI

Responsum is an AI and AWS powered platform to automate your customer and employee communication. Make use of voice and chat communication to optimize your business.


CI/CD, IAM & Code Security, Logging & Monitoring, High Availability & Disaster Recovery, Containerization, Infrastructure as Code

AWS Expertise

AWS Icon Data & Analytics
Data & Analytics
AWS Icon Dev Ops
AWS Icon Front End Web & Mobile
Front-End Web & Mobile Development
AWS Icon Cloud Migration
Cloud Migration
AWS Icon Containers
AWS Icon Database Migrations
Database Migrations
AWS Icon Machine Learning
Machine Learning
AWS Icon Modern App Development
Modern Application Development
AWS Icon Serverless Computing
Serverless Computing
AWS Icon Hybrid Cloud Architectures
Hybrid Cloud Architectures
EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server


AWS Glacier is a secure, durable, and extremely low-cost Amazon S3 cloud storage class for data archiving and long-term backup.
The dimensional model is a thing of beauty when it is done right. It is designed independently of vendor and architecture.
If you have any doubts about the data flood that is covering the globe, here are a few amazing stats. Around the world, in just one minute.

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