Boston Red Sox

Client Description

The Boston Red Sox are an American baseball team from Boston, Massachusetts that play in Major League Baseball. They are a member of the American League East Division. The Red Sox were World Series Champions in 1903, 1912, 1915, 1916, 1918, 2004, 2007, 2013 and 2018.


The Boston Red Sox had difficultly matching contacts in their source data systems (Ticketing, MLB Data Feeds, CRM Leads etc.). This made it very difficult to know how many touchpoints a fan received. They needed to identify bad data, and duplicate accounts, and setup processes to clean the data at the source.


iOLAP established a data governance baseline that efficiently correlates data between EDW, FM & CRM systems. Adding additional sources is streamlined by pushing this new data into the established tables formats within the model. Once matched in the MDM all touch points for a given contact can be easily identified. Reports can be written within the MDM to identify inconsistent data across systems where the same contact exists in multiple system. This will allow for individuals to clean the data at the source on an ongoing basis as these issues are identified.


Records from source systems are now combined into a single MDM system, and operators are able to identify customers that were created from any of the systems. This helps customers who can’t remember what system they used in the past. All systems within their EDW now utilize the same dataset ensuring that data is in sync between the different target systems. The organization now has better campaign response rates due to better customer profiling and targeted offerings. Additionally, it has decreased time to support customer calls, due to the time to search for the correct record or customer identification, and a complete understanding of the customer’s background, assets and history. The MDM created a framework that can be expanded to improve quality of other master data elements for the entire organization.


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