G1200 Media

Client Description

Group 1200 Media is a fully integrated next-generation independent entertainment studio. It FUNimation Entertainment, Giant Ape Media, and Group 1200 Consumer Products, is a market leader in the acquisition, creation, production, distribution, licensing and marketing of our wide-ranging Anime, TV and Movie slate. The studio uses their portfolio of brands to differentiate genres and unique audiences with curated content, services, and consumer products.


Group1200 is a small sized media company, who wanted to replace their excel reporting by building analytical platform with bare minimum upfront investment without compromising on security. With their minimal technical expertise, they did not want to be limited to excel/ad-hoc reporting, yet be able to analyze their subscribers, generate new leads, sell merchandise effectively, minimize churn rate and help users to make decisions on business processes with use of KPIs.


iOLAP architected data warehouse solutions using Amazon Web Services platform. Customer, membership, product sales, viewership events data is pulled from NetSuite via API calls and pushed to S3 daily, then process into Redshift using Talend. We setup file validation framework, where more than 100 flat files sources are processed via SQS queues and data quality functions, then sends out auto notification to responsible user for failure. Domo is used for enterprise reporting and dashboard needs. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media data is directly fed into Domo for customer sentiment analysis.


Group1200’s analytical platform was up and running in no time, with the least upfront cost. They are using some of the latest and greatest technologies without investing much to maintain them. They can analyze data at atomic level in one place, which they can refer to a single source of truth, which is easily accessible and made available to them in timely manner.


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