PRM – Prospective Risk Management Corp.

Client Description

Prospective Risk Management Corporation (PRMC) is an independent third-party health care underwriting and consulting firm. They offer a full suite of products and services; using only best-in-class actuarial tools, processes, and methodologies to offer risk assessment and risk consulting services to health insuring corporations, PEO/MEWA organizations, single employer plans, and the agent/broker/health care consultant community throughout the United States.


PRMC growth in clients, consulting services, and reporting needs required the company to implement a more efficient manner in which to process, report, and distribute the data from multiple providers. They needed a cloud-based solution providing flexibility of systems as new requirements emerge.


iOLAP formulated the cloud migration strategy and led the implementation, while maintaining the operations of the legacy system during the transition process.


Data processing and reporting are completely automated. While ensuring HIPAA compliance and the security of PHI data, additional reporting capabilities now include online dashboards and client web reports. What used to take days to produce is now accomplished in a matter of minutes.


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