Client Description

Black Knight Financial Services, Inc. provides integrated technology, workflow automation, and data and analytics to the mortgage industry. The Company offers integrated technology, services, and data solutions that facilitate and automate many of the business processes across the entire loan life cycle.

Black Knight Financial Services is here to humbly serve the mortgage industry. The company makes technology products that provide workflow automation, data, and analytics supporting loan servicing and mortgages. Its primary mortgage servicing platform, MSP, is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that automates loan servicing and provides loan setup and ongoing processing, customer service, accounting, and reporting to the secondary mortgage market. Other products include Empower (supports retail and wholesale loan originations), LensingSpace (supports correspondent loan originations), and the RealEC Exchange (database of originators, agents, settlement services providers, and investors in the US).

The company’s customer base is mainly comprised of banks. Wells Fargo contributed 13% of the company’s consolidated revenue for 2014; JP Morgan Chase, 12%.


BKFS faced challenges operationalizing and administering the Hadoop backend of their LoanSphere platform. Migrating from a single-tenant per cluster to a multi-tenant per cluster along with operationalizing the ecosystem was a daunting task. Challenges included cluster hardening, security, encryption, node scale-out, and environment migrations. Additionally, the vendor supplied off-site DR solution was not compatible with the infrastructure requiring a complete overhaul of the process.


Many facets of the Hadoop ecosystem were leveraged to operationalize the environments. Blueprints were leveraged for cluster to cluster configuration management along with detailed tracking of changes across each cluster. Ranger and Ranger KMS provided encryption and data protection. For the DR re-write a much simpler process was designed which was designed around distcp.


LoanSphere is Black Knight’s premier platform of integrated technology, data and analytics to support the mortgage and home equity loan life cycle. By integrating all lending and servicing functions with comprehensive loan data, LoanSphere provides unlimited possibilities to help reduce risk, improve efficiency and drive financial performance.

  • Tools: Ranger KMS | MapR | DistCP | Hortonworks
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