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Mobile BI User Interface Design Webinar


Tips on how to take existing or new mobile applications to a whole new level.

Nick Larsen

An effective requirements methodology ensures that project scope is clearly understood and costs accurately estimated.

Bryan Hearron

BI Professionals typically have a pretty substantial tool belt to be able to work across a multitude of different technologies.

Douglas Slemmer

We would like to suggest a better approach to getting solid ROI from these new-fangled Big Data tools.

Charles Yorek

I realized that all too often the BI community is failing to understand that we are in the midst of a paradigm shift.

Charles Yorek

Recently we have begun to utilize a newer testing suite which we feel provides a better representation of actual use case scenarios


Redshift is a new, petabyte-scale data warehouse-as-a-service (DWaaS) platform


Here are 13 data quotes – gathered from a number of sources on the web


So, would you ever even consider putting a data warehouse in the cloud?

Douglas Slemmer

How do we learn from past mistakes and increase the odds that Big Data efforts will provide Big Returns?

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