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Generate Health Report for IBM Cloud Pak for Data Using Jupyter Notebook

Nikola Samardzic, Mario Galjanic

The goal was to generate static reports, similar to the ones available in Cloud Pak for Data’s user interface.

Matija Pilepić

Apache Airflow’s ability to define workflows as a code allows creating dynamic workflows. This example kept the dynamic aspect very simple, but it clearly shows how far it can go. Instead of having a dynamic integer value, a JSON structure containing multiple bits of information can be used to create DAG's tasks.

Vladimir Gruičić

In AWS Cloud there are elegant and powerful solutions with proper scalability depending on the client’s request.

Vladimir Gruičić

A step-by-step solution for two use cases - downsizing of EBS root volume for Talend remote engine and EBS data volume for Tableau server.

Andrew Kipp

Defaulting on a loan means failure to make loan payments for consecutive months. This makes it a key problem and a challenge to be solved.

Mario Galjanić

With IBM Netezza, there are many ways to pull data from a backup, but a relatively new feature has been included which allows the use also an AWS stack.

Vanja Čatak

For developers, that is probably making sure that the application or software that is delivered works as intended. To achieve that, there are a few issues that must be tested and handled before the release.

Mahmut Inan Madak

Not only does Typescript make lives of developers better, it also makes big and complex projects easier to maintain and work on. Recently, Typescript team has released version 4 and now we will briefly look at the features included in this release.

Gary Bloomer

Prospective Risk Management (PRM) has been a valued Managed Services customer since 2016, and iOLAP has become a trusted partner.

Ozana Olujić

The main purpose was to get to know all of our people better – their thoughts, feelings, desires, and ideas on several areas of their daily work.

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