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Database Versioning with Git

Andrea Hrelja

Versioning plays a crucial role in the context of database deployment.

Antonio Suljić

GitHub Actions allows developers to automate workflows and tasks associated with building, testing, and deploying their applications.

Sandro Sviben

In a collaborative culture, Dev and QA understand that they cannot work without each other. Both QAs and Devs should have the common goal of delivering a high-quality product and they should be aware that they need to work together to accomplish that goal.

Marko Sedlak

Query automation is an important part of fraud detection systems, especially in moving them towards real time operation.

Antonio Suljić

This blog post will guide you through the steps and best practices to ensure a successful migration from Netezza to AWS Redshift.

Antonio Suljić

In this post, we will cover the basics of setting up a repository, as well as how to integrate GitHub Enterprise with Amazon Web Services.

Antonio Suljić

In this blog post, we will provide a high-level guide to help you successfully migrate your terabyte-scale DWH to Amazon Redshift, ensuring a smooth transition and improved performance.

Lucija Šošić

ChatGPT has been a number one topic since its release to the public. And the feedback on it has been overwhelming, with a reason.

Antonio Suljić

Amazon Redshift, a fully managed cloud-based data warehousing service, offers a multitude of benefits for organizations seeking to harness the power of their data.

Jose Pablo Cabrera Flores

Apache Iceberg is a key piece to achieving an open lake house architecture so you can reduce the cost of data warehouses.

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